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Who are we and what do we do?

Diversion Strategies is a full-service consulting firm based in Sacramento, California, supporting the solid waste and recycling industry’s growth. The Firm’s capabilities range from permitting and development of commercial infrastructure, to Government advocacy, to facility operation and support.

Specializing in the assessment, development, project management, and delivery of solid waste and recycling commercial infrastructure projects, Diversion Strategies brings an Industry perspective and experience to deliver projects with the operator in mind.

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Diversion Strategies will provide oversight of and represent your company, as needed, throughout the permitting process. We will be a dedicated member of your team from initial feasibility assessment through permit issuance. Infrastructure permitting and development needs typically have an aggressive timeline with little room for error. We customize permitting strategies to ensure timelines are met, thereby minimizing costs and risk to our clients.


At Diversion Strategies, we aim to deliver a comprehensive package of services designed to expedite the approval and construction of your projects. That is why we offer Government guidance and advocacy services to our clients. We understand the importance of building and nurturing relationships with key influencers and decision makers involved in ensuring your Company projects and agendas move from planning to ribbon cutting swiftly and steadily.

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Developing your solid waste and recycling project involves many moving parts and various stakeholders. Diversion Strategies provides project management services to ensure oversight and management of all project components.  This keeps your project organized, on-track and well communicated through every phase to completion.

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Diversion Strategies offers operations planning and support that is rooted in experience.  We strive to help our clients understand the complexities and financial implications of an ever evolving and variable supply chain.