22 Apr 2017

Earth day comes around and it gets lots of chatter
On social media the public speaks out on the matter
Of recycling and gardens and taking a stand
Against every perceived enemy destroying our land.
The public is enraged – they wonder how could this be?
The habitat of many melting into the sea.
Then the next day comes along and we focus much less
On the impact of our actions and cleaning up our mess.
Now down from the soapbox and onto the poem
It’s the story of wine and of happiness in your home.
You need juicy grapes to make a fine wine,
And the fruit needs something to hold it; a vine.
The vine can’t be grown unless it has a strong base,
A soil that is healthy and gives the vine space;
To grow and produce and to give it nutrition
Allowing it to become the plant’s greatest ambition.
To become a fine wine a couple can enjoy before dark
On a picnic, on earth day, perhaps in a park?
And the couple will reflect on the journey of this fruit,
And it’s likeness to love starting at the root.
It started as a seed that grew into a sprout
It weathered lots of rain storms, it persisted through drought.
A true love is one that will get through all this
And in spite of the noise in the world, it persists.
It relies on it’s roots, and it reaches for the sun;
It’s strong and supportive and knows how to have fun.
So on Earth Day it is wise to open our eyes
To the answers that looking at nature provides.

Happy Earth Day!

Don’t be an ass, recycle that glass 🙂

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