15 Jul 2021
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It is not a secret in the waste and recycling industry that the most lucrative and sought after contracts are for collection services. Collection is the backbone of this industry, and over the years it has evolved to be more efficient, less labor intensive, and more automated. For many collection companies where great service is […]

23 Feb 2018
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One year ago, when we left the stability of our corporate jobs to envision and start both Diversion Strategies and WISR, we wanted to make an impact. I told Erin that I felt one way to measure that impact is if I could be recognized as one of Waste360’s 40 under 40 award recipients in […]

11 Oct 2017
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When my business partner Erin Merrill and I first dreamed of creating our own consulting firm, we created vision boards for Diversion Strategies and our non-profit, WISR that help guide us and keep us rooted in our values as we grow both organizations. I borrowed the quote pictured above from our Diversion Strategies vision board […]

22 Apr 2017

Earth day comes around and it gets lots of chatter On social media the public speaks out on the matter Of recycling and gardens and taking a stand Against every perceived enemy destroying our land. The public is enraged – they wonder how could this be? The habitat of many melting into the sea. Then […]

14 Apr 2017
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For those of us in the solid waste and recycling industry it is difficult to remember a time when there were thousands of garbage dumps (read: holes in the ground that communities buried and/or burned their waste in) scattered about the Country. Mostly, these dumps were developed to service the communities close by, within a […]

04 Apr 2017

Erin Merrill has joined Diversion Strategies as Co-owner and Principal.  Ms. Merrill brings with her extensive experience in solid waste permitting and facility development. “I’m very excited to help grow Diversion Strategies.” said Merrill.  “This firm provides a unique perspective with it’s industry know-how moving forward key initiatives for waste diversion.” Rachel Oster is Ms. […]

09 Mar 2017
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A lack of gender diversity in the solid waste and recycling sector is slowing the industry’s opportunity to evolve. With few to zero women on most large solid waste and recycling company’s leadership teams, this industry is challenged when it comes to attracting young and talented women to take on roles historically occupied by men. […]